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Mastering FB88 Tai Xiu: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Playing FB88 Tai Xiu can be both exciting and rewarding, but it requires a certain level of experience and skill to consistently win. By applying the following four tips by wintips, you can enhance your chances of success and enjoy faster victories. However, these methods are not suitable for those who lack patience or play without a specific strategy.

Detailed Experience in Playing FB88 Tai Xiu for Novice Gamers

To increase your chances of winning in Tai Xiu betting rounds, players need to learn and accumulate their own experiences in playing Tai Xiu on FB88.

Applying the 1-3-2-4 Ratio Strategy

This method applies the 1-3-2-4 betting sequence similar to playing Red-Black in Sic Bo, a popular game. Typically, many genuine Tai Xiu players apply this method and achieve high profits.

The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 represent betting units in Tai Xiu. The 1-3-2-4 method works as follows: if a player bets in units of 100, the sequence would be 100-300-200-400. Similarly, if betting in tens, the sequence would be 10-30-20-40. It's easy to understand, right? Give this method a try to see if it's effective for you.

When players apply this method effectively, they will notice that they have gone through the same sequence. The reason why this method is effective:

By playing this way, players have a very high winning rate. However, players need to be extremely patient to reap the rewards.

Playing FB88 Tai Xiu in a Balanced Way

This method makes Tai Xiu betting more interesting for players. This strategy requires players to place bets on pairs that are close to the total bet. This improves the player's chances of winning Tai Xiu at FB88 betting site ranking.

The belief that 9 and 12 are lucky numbers is commonly applied by many players in Tai Xiu. Try your luck with these numbers. However, you can also apply other numbers that suit your calculations.

Players bet on the selected total and then combine it with three identical pairs of bets. For example, betting on a total of 9 will not win if a pair of identical dice is 1, betting on a total of 12 will not win if a pair of identical dice is 6.

For example, if a player places 3 units on a total of 9 and 2 units on identical pairs 1, 5, 6, the player will have a total bet of 9 units. If the total bet of 9 wins, the player will receive 21 units, and if the identical pair wins, the player will receive 22 units.

Winning Big Style

This method is only for those who want to win big, receiving a huge return. Players only need to succeed once to have the chance to win three times.

Players tend to use the numbers 8 and 13 for this strategy. They use bets on Total 8 or Total 13, pairs of identical dice, and double bets to have a chance to win three times in the same bet.

If players use this strategy, they have the potential to win big, but if they lose, they will lose a significant amount of money. Therefore, players should consider carefully. If confident, they should stop after winning once to preserve their winnings.

Pair Style

A special aspect of applying this experience in playing FB88 Tai Xiu is that players can win big prizes, up to 4-5 times more than other betting methods. However, this is a low-frequency winning strategy, and only lucky players can win big.

For example, if a player chooses to play in pairs and bets big, they can win up to 4-5 times more. However, if they are lucky to win, they should stop after the first win to preserve their winnings.

Prioritize Totals 9, 10, 11, and 12

Totals 9, 10, 11, and 12 are the numbers with the highest frequency of occurrence. At the same time, the winning rate of these bets is also relatively high. Players can prioritize placing small bets on these totals to check the betting board history. If any of these totals appear too frequently, players should skip them.

Maintain a Stable Betting Psychology

Regardless of the strategy or experience applied in any betting game, a stable psychological state while playing is crucial. When the mind is not alert, is not constant, loses too much, leading to the desire to chase losses or fatigue, players should temporarily stop betting. Let the mind rest, and only return to betting when in a good state. Also, players need to know how to Transfer Money on FB88 to actively deposit funds for optimization.

Players should also note that choosing a reputable bookmaker like FB88 is essential so that they can apply Tai Xiu betting experiences in the most effective way possible. With online betting at FB88, players can rest assured about fraud and personal information disclosure issues to request account deletion from the FB88 gaming platform.

The Tai Xiu betting experiences on FB88 mentioned above are derived from experienced players and shared with everyone. Try applying these betting methods to test their effectiveness, and don't forget to read our sharing articles for more betting experiences. You can register to play Tai Xiu at the FB88 australia betting site to receive many attractive offers from this bookmaker.


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