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Kolamba Sanniya Sinhala Movie Free Download

Kolamba Sanniya is a classic Sinhala comedy movie that was released in 1976. It was directed by Manik Sandrasagara and starred Joe Abeywickrama, Freddie Silva, and Vijaya Kumaratunga. The movie is based on a stage drama of the same name by Lucien Bulathsinhala. The plot revolves around a rural villager who inherits a mansion in Colombo and faces various challenges from his urban relatives and neighbors.


The movie is considered one of the best Sinhala comedies of all time and has won several awards, including the Presidential Award for Best Film in 1976. It is also one of the most popular Sinhala movies among the Sri Lankan diaspora, especially in Australia, where it has been screened several times.

If you are looking for a way to watch or download Kolamba Sanniya for free, you might be disappointed. The movie is not available on any legal streaming platforms or websites. The only way to watch it legally is to buy or rent a DVD copy from a licensed distributor. However, there are some unofficial sources that claim to offer the movie for free download, but they are not reliable or safe. They might contain viruses, malware, or other harmful content that could damage your device or compromise your privacy.

Therefore, we advise you to avoid such sources and respect the intellectual property rights of the filmmakers and actors. If you want to enjoy this classic Sinhala comedy, you should support the original creators and purchase or rent a DVD copy from a reputable source. You can also watch the movie on TV if it is broadcasted by any local or international channels.

Alternatively, you can watch the sequel of Kolamba Sanniya, which was released in 2018. The sequel is called Kolamba Sanniya Returns and it was directed by Harsha Udakanda. It features some of the original cast members as well as new actors. The sequel follows the story of Andiris, a rustic villager who wins a lottery and moves to Colombo with his family. He faces similar problems as his predecessor and tries to cope with the modern lifestyle.

Kolamba Sanniya Returns is available on PEOTV, a Sri Lankan digital entertainment platform that offers movies, TV shows, and live channels. You can subscribe to PEOTV and watch Kolamba Sanniya Returns online or on your smart TV. You can also find some clips and trailers of the movie on YouTube and Facebook.

We hope this article has given you some useful information about Kolamba Sanniya and its sequel. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.


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