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Pokemon Gold And Silver Official Strategy Guide Download

Pokémon Gold & Silver: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is an official player's guide published by Prima Games in the year 2000. It was authored by Elizabeth M. Hollinger and James M. Ratkos. It is an in-depth guide to the games Pokémon Gold and Silver. The companion to this guide is the Pokémon Master Pokédex - while this guide covers the walkthrough/strategy portion of the game, the Master Pokédex book covers statistics, game locations and learnsets for each Pokémon in the game.

pokemon gold and silver official strategy guide download

As a precursor to the North American release, Gold and Silver were displayed for audiences to interact with at the 2000 American International Toy Fair in New York City.[33] To further promote the games, Nintendo modified five Chrysler PT Cruisers to resemble the new Pokémon Lugia and had them driven around the United States. The vehicles had fins and tails attached to them and were painted with logos and images of the Pokémon franchise. In addition, they were equipped with a television set hooked up to game consoles which allowed spectators to play Pokémon Puzzle League, Hey You, Pikachu!, and Pokémon Gold and Silver.[34] The television series Pokémon GS, based on the games, was announced to be a part of the fall lineup on Kids' WB. The show features the same protagonist Ash Ketchum in a new region with different Pokémon species from the games.[35] The localized English names of the 100 new Pokémon were kept confidential by Nintendo, with the company releasing names periodically. The domain names '' and '' were registered for this very purpose,[36] and such names released included Chikorita, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Togepi, Hoothoot, and Marill.[37]


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