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Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Professional 13

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Professional 13: A Review

Paragon Hard Disk Manager (HDM) 14 Professional 13 is a comprehensive data management tool for Windows users. It offers a range of features and functions to maintain and administer PCs and workstations with minimal effort. In this article, we will review some of the key aspects of this software and how it can benefit users.


Compatibility and Interface

HDM 14 is compatible with Windows 8.1 and supports the streamlined, tile-oriented interface of the operating system. It also works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP. HDM 14 offers two launchers: a Metro-style express launcher and a ribbon-based full-scale launcher. The express launcher provides quick access to the most common tasks, such as backup, recovery, partitioning, and migration. The full-scale launcher gives more options and settings for advanced users.

Backup and Recovery

HDM 14 provides a reliable and flexible backup and recovery solution for both physical and virtual environments. Users can create backups of the system partition, select disks or partitions, file types, or files and folders. Backups can be stored on external devices, local volumes, network shares, or burned to optical media. HDM 14 also supports Windows BitLocker encryption, allowing users to protect their data from unauthorized access.

HDM 14 introduces a new format for storing backups: pVHD (Paragon Virtual Hard Drive). This format is optimized for incremental chains, data deduplication, and synchronization. With pVHD, backups may be up to four times smaller than the original objects. The introduction of pVHD also makes incremental imaging work ten times faster and with greater stability compared with the traditional PBF format. HDM 14 also allows users to verify backup data viability and restore from isolated containers.

Partitioning and Optimization

HDM 14 offers a powerful partitioning engine that allows users to organize their disks, ensure capacity and performance of storage media, and manage multiple operating systems on one PC. Users can create, format, delete, merge, split, resize, move, or convert partitions without losing data. HDM 14 also supports dynamic disks and storage spaces.

HDM 14 enables users to transfer their data to SSDs (solid-state drives) easily and efficiently. The software offers source partition size reduction and the option of excluding some data from the transfer. HDM 14 also allows users to copy or restore the contents of a 512-byte hard disk to a 4K hard disk without any issues.

Data Wiping and Security

HDM 14 provides a secure data wiping tool that allows users to permanently erase sensitive data from any storage device. Users can choose from various wiping algorithms that meet different security standards. HDM 14 also supports wiping SSDs without affecting their service life.

HDM 14 also offers complete uEFI support under Windows, WinPE, and Linux, including a uEFI-compatible backup capsule. This feature allows users to create a backup of the entire system in a hidden partition on the hard disk that can be used for system recovery in case of emergency.


HDM 14 is a versatile and comprehensive data management tool that can handle various tasks related to backup, recovery, partitioning, optimization, migration, security, and more. It is compatible with Windows 8.1 and supports the latest technologies such as uEFI, SSDs, dynamic disks, storage spaces, BitLocker encryption, and pVHD format. HDM 14 is suitable for both home and professional users who want to keep their data safe and their systems running smoothly.


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