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11eyes 04 Vostfr

11eyes 04 vostfr: A Review

11eyes is an anime series based on a visual novel of the same name. It follows the story of Kakeru Satsuki, a high school student who lost his sister five years ago, and his childhood friend Yuka Minase, who suddenly find themselves transported to a parallel world called the Red Night. There, they encounter monsters, dark knights, and other people who have been dragged into this nightmare. Together, they must survive and unravel the mystery behind the Red Night and its connection to Kakeru's sister.

In this article, I will review the fourth episode of the anime, which is available in French subtitles (vostfr) on various streaming platforms . I will discuss the plot, the characters, the animation, and the music of this episode.

11eyes 04 vostfr


The episode begins with a flashback of Kakeru's sister, Kaori, who was hospitalized after a car accident. She tells Kakeru that she loves him and asks him to promise that he will always be happy. She then dies in his arms, leaving him devastated.

Back in the present, Kakeru wakes up from his nightmare and finds himself in his bed with Yuka sleeping next to him. He realizes that they have returned to their normal world after surviving another night in the Red Night. He tries to wake up Yuka, but she hugs him and tells him not to leave her. He blushes and wonders what their relationship is.

Meanwhile, at school, Kakeru meets Misuzu Kusakabe, a swordswoman who saved him and Yuka from a monster in the previous episode. She tells him that she is a member of a clan that has been fighting against the Red Night for generations. She also reveals that she knows about his special eye, which allows him to see the flow of energy and predict movements. She asks him to join her in fighting against the dark knights, who are the enemies of the Red Night. She warns him that they are after his eye and that he will be killed if he does not cooperate.

Kakeru is reluctant to get involved in this conflict, but he agrees to hear more from Misuzu after school. He then goes to class with Yuka, who is jealous of Misuzu's closeness to Kakeru. She tries to act normal, but she feels insecure about her feelings for Kakeru.

After school, Kakeru and Yuka meet Misuzu at a shrine, where she explains the history of the Red Night and the dark knights. She says that they are part of a prophecy that foretells the end of the world. She also introduces them to two other people who have been dragged into the Red Night: Kukuri Tachibana, a mute girl who looks exactly like Kakeru's sister, and Takahisa Tajima, a delinquent who can control fire. They are also known as Fragments of Liselotte, which are people who possess special powers that can be used to break the seal of Liselotte, a witch who was imprisoned by the dark knights long ago.

Misuzu says that they are allies and that they should work together to defeat the dark knights and escape from the Red Night. However, Takahisa is not interested in cooperating and leaves. Kukuri follows him silently. Misuzu then gives Kakeru a sword that belonged to her clan and teaches him how to use it. She says that he has potential and that he can become stronger with practice.

The episode ends with a scene of Liselotte, who is chained in a dark tower. She smiles wickedly and says that she can feel the Fragments of Liselotte getting closer to her.


The episode introduces two new characters: Misuzu and Takahisa. They are both complex and interesting characters who have their own motivations and personalities.

Misuzu is a calm and composed swordswoman who has a strong sense of duty and honor. She is loyal to her clan and dedicated to fighting against the Red Night. She is also knowledgeable and resourceful, as she knows a lot about the Red Night and its enemies. She is willing to help Kakeru and Yuka, but she also expects them to follow her lead and obey her orders.

Takahisa is a rebellious and hot-headed delinquent who has a disdain for authority and rules. He is rude and sarcastic, and he does not care about anyone but himself. He is also impulsive and violent, as he uses his fire power to burn anything that annoys him. He is not interested in joining Misuzu's group or fighting against the Red Night. He only wants to survive and have fun.

The episode also develops the relationship between Kakeru and Yuka, who are childhood friends who have feelings for each other. They are both kind and caring, but they are also insecure and confused about their feelings. They are afraid of losing each other, but they are also unsure of how to express their love. They have a lot of awkward and cute moments together, but they also have some misunderstandings and conflicts.


The animation of the episode is decent, but not outstanding. The character designs are faithful to the original visual novel, but they are also generic and bland. The backgrounds are detailed and colorful, but they are also static and repetitive. The action scenes are fluid and dynamic, but they are also short and sparse. The special effects are flashy and impressive, but they are also overused and inconsistent.

The animation quality varies depending on the scene and the mood. Some scenes are well-animated and expressive, while others are poorly-animated and stiff. Some scenes are bright and vivid, while others are dark and dull. Some scenes are smooth and clear, while others are choppy and blurry.


The music of the episode is good, but not memorable. The opening song is "Arrival of Tears" by Ayane, which is a catchy and upbeat song that fits the theme of the anime. The ending song is "Sequentia" by Asriel, which is a slow and melancholic song that contrasts the opening song. The background music is composed by Maiko Iuchi, who is known for her work on Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. The background music is appropriate and effective, but it is also generic and repetitive.

The music enhances the atmosphere and the emotion of the scene, but it does not stand out or create an impact. The music matches the tone and the pace of the scene, but it does not add or subtract anything from it.


11eyes 04 vostfr is an episode that introduces new characters and reveals new information about the Red Night. It has a good balance of plot, character, action, and romance, but it also has some flaws in animation and music. It is an enjoyable and entertaining episode, but it is not a remarkable or original one.

I would recommend this episode to fans of the anime or the visual novel, or to anyone who likes fantasy, mystery, or romance genres. I would not recommend this episode to anyone who expects high-quality animation or music, or to anyone who dislikes clichés, fanservice, or violence.


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