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Monster Episode 36

Charley (Tamask) and Harley Cheetah wanted to see the legendary monster of Petrified Valley who turns animals into stone when he stares at them. Pauly Cracker (Coco) says that no one has ever actually seen the monster. As Kimba (Leo) went to investigate and rescue the cheetahs, the petrified animals were actually affected by the poisonous gas that reeked through the valley and not the monster itself. When Kimba meets the monster as it gets it's beak stuck between some rocks, he realizes that the monster isn't as scary as the legend portrays it to be. He's named, Colosso (Moa) and they befriend each other and walk back to the jungle along with the two cheetahs.

Monster Episode 36

Odd and Aelita arrive at the Factory with Kiwi. Jeremie asks where Ulrich is and Odd says he's sulking. Aelita asks what his program is and Jeremie calls it the "Marabounta", his own creation. It is designed to be an effective weapon against X.A.N.A.'s monsters. Odd gives a short summary and says that while these little 'ants' get X.A.N.A. monsters, he'll leave them alone. But Aelita asks if there will be a real bug in the program, and Jeremie says that it's impossible as Franz Hopper was a genius. Odd suggests that they go and check it out for themselves and Jeremie agrees. He reassures Aelita that if anything goes wrong, he'll pull the plug, and Aelita reluctantly goes.

They are transferred to Lyoko and Jeremie tells them where to go, but they'll have to run on foot because there are not enough machine resources to bring up the vehicles. He also tells them to watch out for the monsters, since "they never know" if X.A.N.A. will pop up. Upon seeing a Krab on his screen, Jeremie tells Odd and Aelita to follow it since it's heading in the right direction. The two see the Krab rushing to the Marabounta and run after it.

Back on Lyoko, Odd and Aelita find the Marabounta swallowing up a Krab, and Odd calls it "pretty scary." X.A.N.A.'s monsters try to destroy the creature, but they all end up getting eaten as a result. Odd says that he "really feels sorry for X.A.N.A.." Aelita sends a visual to Jeremie, and Jeremie is satisfied with it. Odd says he invented a "nasty piece of work" but Jeremie still just looks on with satisfaction. Aelita says she's seen enough and wants to come back so Jeremie gives them the coordinates a tower.

However, as Aelita is about to turn, the Marabounta starts to circle around her. Odd sees she's in trouble and shoots at it, which did not fit well with the Marabounta. It starts chasing them and Odd just shoots at it even more, which makes it go faster. Jeremie wonders what's going on and Odd says it's coming for them. Jeremie says it's only supposed to chase monsters and Odd suggest he program eyeglasses for it. Jeremie asks if he did anything special, to which Odd responds that he just shot at it. Jeremie says that wasn't a very smart thing to do, but Aelita defends Odd, saying that the Marabounta was coming after her before he opened fire. Jeremie searches for the problem and finds out that because of the virus in Aelita, the Marabounta assumes she's one of X.A.N.A.'s monsters. Jeremie tries to kill the program, but the Marabounta somehow gains sentience like X.A.N.A. did. Jeremie reveals that with the Marabounta becoming autonomous, he's completely lost control over it. Instead of just X.A.N.A.'s monsters, it will now devour everything and everyone in its path. Jeremie tries to call for help, but Ulrich doesn't want to pick up his phone. Jeremie calls for Yumi instead and tells her what's going on, and she is just confused at the sound of this "Chattanooga". Jeremie just tells her to hurry to the factory. He says that Ulrich is being no help, but Yumi knows why and says she'll go and get him.

Odd and Aelita are lost in the Forest Sector, but they don't see the Marabounta anywhere either. Jeremie points them due west since the monster hasn't hit that part of the sector yet. In the meantime, Jeremie tries to find a way to destroy it. The duo proceed, with Odd saying he doesn't want to end up as chewing gum.

When Odd and Aelita make it to the tower, they see to their horror that the Marabounta had already made it to the tower and blocked access to it. Horrified, Aelita backs away. Jeremie is still trying to find a way to stop it, and says that Yumi and Ulrich are on their way. Or at least, he hopes they are. Jeremie calls out to Franz Hopper to help, while Odd and Aelita are backing away from the Marabounta. Odd is shooting but every time he shoots, the Marabounta separates only to comes together again. Jeremie exclaims that all of Lyoko will be destroyed if this goes on any longer. The Marabounta manages to separate Odd from Aelita and she's cornered. But all of a sudden, a Krab materializes in front of Aelita. Instead of attacking like usual, it just extends its leg for her and Aelita holds on to it. The Krab throws her away from the Marabounta, sacrificing itself for her. Odd and Jeremie question its actions, whilst more monsters come and circle around Aelita and Odd. Jeremie realizes that X.A.N.A. is doing this because she represents a substantial investment to him because of whatever is in Aelita's memory. Odd wonders why they are not attacking and Aelita comes to the conclusion that they are protecting her. Jeremie tells them to use them as allies to defeat the Marabounta, the one common enemy they all have right now.

As Yumi arrives, Jeremie wonders where Ulrich is and Yumi just says he's alone with his pride. She wonders what is going on Jeremie just tells her to go to the scanner room. As Odd fights along side X.A.N.A.'s monsters, Yumi is virtualized to Lyoko, and immediately goes after one of the Bloks. But Aelita stops her, stating that the Marabounta is the thing to go after. Yumi looks to it in disgust and wonders what it is. Odd says it was Jeremie's idea, but luckily, X.A.N.A.'s on their side today. Yumi says, "The world has turned upside down!" and joins in with the team, shooting her fan at the Marabounta.

Jeremie really has no idea how to defeat the Marabounta but Aelita comforts and tells him that he had no idea that her virus would be a problem. Upon hearing the word 'virus' Jeremie comes up with a solution that might work. As a lot of commotion happens at once, Jeremie is searching for his solution, the monsters and the heroes are still struggling to keep the Marabounta back, and it seems that Ulrich has finally come to his senses and is now rushing to the factory. Odd tells the lot of them they shouldn't let it take any head-way, or it will attack from the rear. Yumi says he's a good combat general, and Odd says it's all strategy. "The only thing stupider than a Blok, is two Bloks!" he says. Yumi rushes Jeremie with his solution but Jeremie is taking the time he has, and that precious time has turned up perfect results, as he now knows how to get rid of the Marabounta.

When the monster gets closer and closer to Aelita, she calls out to Jeremie. Ulrich then appears and jumps in front of her, fighting off the Marabounta with his katana. Meanwhile, the Krab is slowly making its way whilst getting engulfed. Odd finds the heart and points right at it, making sure he's got a good shot as he only has one. He shoots and nails a bull's eye, unleashing a fireball that engulfs the sector, cleansing it and vaporizing the Marabounta for good. X.A.N.A.'s monsters line up in front of Odd, Ulrich and Aelita. Ulrich holds on to his Sabor, ready for a fight, but the monsters instead bow to them, thanking them for the help. Aelita is amazed but Ulrich tells her to not buy it. Jeremie agrees, stating that their alliance is over now that their common enemy has been vanquished. Those monsters are still their worst enemy and X.A.N.A. still wants Aelita's memory at all costs. The monsters leave and the warriors still look on in amazement.

SoundgillarDataCategoryTerrible-MonsterHeight53 mWeight31,000 tHome WorldNoneAffiliationYapoolBelyudra (Combination)First AppearanceUltraman Ace episode 36 "A Terrible-Monster Registering 10,000 Phons?"Latest AppearanceNoneSoundgillar (サウンドギラー Saundogirā), also called Soundgiller[1], is a Terrible-Monster from Ultraman Ace. He appeared in episode 36.

"Yugi vs. Pegasus: Match of the Millennium, Part 2", known as "Attacks Useless!? The Invincible Army of Toons" in the Japanese version, is the thirty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. It first aired in Japan on December 26, 2000 and in the United States on September 21, 2002.

Turn 11: Yami YugiYugi draws. He then Normal Summons "Celtic Guardian" (1400/1200) in Attack Position. "Celtic Guardian" attacks "Toon Mermaid", with Yugi intending to destroy both monsters in a Double KO as they have equal ATK. However, only "Celtic Guardian" is destroyed because Toon monsters cannot be destroyed by battle with non-Toon monsters. Pegasus then uses the effect of "Toon World" to hide "Toon Mermaid" within its pages. This means that Yugi cannot attack "Toon Mermaid" while it's within "Toon World".

Turn 13: Yami YugiYugi draws. Yugi's hand contains "Feral Imp", "Monster Recovery", "Magical Hats" and "Horn Imp". Yugi Sets "Horn Imp". Pegasus activates his face-down "Gorgon's Eye", flipping "Horn Imp" (1300/1000) face-up and turning it to stone. While "Gorgon's Eye" is face-up on the field, when a Defense Position monster Yugi controls is destroyed, Yugi will take effect damage equal to half that monster's DEF.

Eve's Night is the tenth episode of Season 2 and the thirty-sixth overall episode of the Monster Rancher anime series. It aired in Japan on December 25, 1999. The episode marks Master Moo's first confrontation with the Searcher in his perfect form and the revelation of him being Holly's father to the rest of the Searcher.

"Monster Hunt" is the thirty-sixth episode of Mysticons and the sixteenth episode of its second season. It aired on August 18, 2018 on Nicktoons and it will air on September 9, 2018 on YTV. 041b061a72


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