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70 Minutes Gospel Jazz Music Saxophone Instrumental Music Plus Scriptures On Staying Strong.

After being discharged from the Navy as a seaman first class in August 1946, Coltrane returned to Philadelphia, where the city's bustling jazz scene offered him many opportunities for both learning and playing.[22] Coltrane used the G.I. Bill to enroll at the Granoff School of Music, where he studied music theory with jazz guitarist and composer Dennis Sandole.[23] Coltrane would continue to be under Sandole's tutelage from 1946 into the early 1950s.[24] Coltrane also took saxophone lessons with Matthew Rastelli, a saxophone teacher at Granoff once a week for about two or three years, but the lessons stopped when Coltrane's G.I. Bill funds ran out.[25] After touring with King Kolax, he joined a band led by Jimmy Heath, who was introduced to Coltrane's playing by his former Navy buddy, trumpeter William Massey, who had played with Coltrane in the Melody Masters.[26] Although he started on alto saxophone, he began playing tenor saxophone in 1947 with Eddie Vinson.[27]

70 Minutes Gospel Jazz Music Saxophone Instrumental Music Plus Scriptures on Staying Strong.


There is speculation that in 1965 Coltrane began using LSD,[75][76] informing the "cosmic" transcendence of his late period. Nat Hentoff wrote: "it is as if he and Sanders were speaking with 'the gift of tongues' - as if their insights were of such compelling force that they have to transcend ordinary ways of musical speech and ordinary textures to be able to convey that part of the essence of being they have touched."[77] After the departure of Tyner and Jones, Coltrane led a quintet with Sanders on tenor saxophone, his second wife Alice Coltrane on piano, Garrison on bass, and Ali on drums. When touring, the group was known for playing long versions of their repertoire, many stretching beyond 30 minutes to an hour. In concert, solos by band members often extended beyond fifteen minutes. 041b061a72


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