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The damage is done by the larvae. Mines are at first serpentine (snake-like), and filled with frass; they become yellow-brown and later grow in width, forming blotches (Photo 1). At this stage, the larvae protrude from the blotch to defaecate. Later still, holes are produced in the leaves as the blotches are destroyed.

The eggs are laid on the leaves, usually on the underside near the midrib, veins or base of the leaf blade. The larvae are yellowish with pink spots along the back, developing into red rounded projections on all segments. When mature, the larvae are 5.5 mm long. They exit the mines and make a network of silk threads on the underside of the leaf. When not feeding, they move around inside the threads, above the leaf surface. Frass often catches in the web of threads. The larvae pupate there.

Look for the characteristic narrow, snake-like, silvery mines in the leaves, later becoming blotches. Look for the two rows of round projections along the back of mature larvae, as well as their silken threads on the lower leaf surface.

The paper will discuss the need for a balanced approach regarding development and delineation of the resources. Since there is no gas export from Terra Nova or any of the Grand Banks fields, surplus gas has to be re-injected. The Terra Nova depletion plan requires that the production from the water injection region and the gas flood regions be balanced for optimum pressure management. The relative richness of the injection gas from the Terra Nova production process has the potential to create miscible gas-oil conditions. We will discuss how slim tube experiments and compositional tracking of the fluids have demonstrated benefits to the oil recovery by operating the gasflood at a reasonable pressure. The Terra Nova field lies not only in a harsh environment but also in an immature, low infrastructure area. This has led to additional challenges regarding reservoir management and future development.

Production behavior and history matching have shown that seismically defined fault blocks are transmissible rather than sealing. The presence of leaky faults is beneficial for oil recovery, but presents challenges for precise reservoir simulation modeling and history matching. Terra Nova has extensive amount of data from bottom hole pressure gauges, wireline formation pressures (e.g. RFT/RCI), water cut trends GOR trends, gas tracers, etc. The paper discusses how these data have been integrated in the reservoir management process. Various history matching approaches will be discussed; both manual history matching and assisted techniques (experimental design). 041b061a72


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