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[S2E19] The Ultimate Sacrifice Fix

The Ultimates realize their fate, but just before Gwen destroys them, Ben orders her to stand down. He willingly wants to ultimately sacrifice himself so he can set his Ultimates free. Ultimate Humungousaur grabs Ben and takes him to the pit of laser fire. Ben asks Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur whether he could have a last word with Gwen. He hesitates, but yet he trusts that Ben won't trick them.

[S2E19] The Ultimate Sacrifice

So, he lets him go to Gwen. He tells Gwen that he has to die. Gwen begs him not to do so, but Ben tells her to keep quiet. He said that a true hero will sacrifice for the sake of others and that he must die, if he wants to set the Ultimate forms free to live their lives and then gives Gwen a goodbye kiss on her forehead.

The camera showed him waking up out of the Ultimatrix with Gwen, Kevin, the Ultimate Forms, and Azmuth around him. He was confused and told Azmuth that he died, Azmuth tells him due to his heroic sacrifice, the Ultimatrix set the Ultimates free and spared Ben's life.

With the episode exploring the new clairvoyant abilities of Negga's Raina, executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen noted the irony of this,[8] as Raina had spent much of her time on the series obsessed with another character who she believed was clairvoyant.[9] On the death of his character in the episode, Kassianides said, "I'm sad to see him go, [but] I'm happy to see someone like that get their comeuppance". Noting that the character was originally intended to be killed off in "A Hen in the Wolf House", Kassianides felt that the way Bakshi and his relationships had developed throughout the season was "fantastic" and made the character's final sacrifice a much more "beautiful" death.[10]

A palisman's magical essence is what makes them animate. When a palisman is cracked, it leaks this essence, which appears as a vibrant green serum. This raw form of magic can be absorbed by others, although the process also results in absorbing the palisman's soul.[9] Palisman essence absorbed by a human is highly reactive and can have damaging effects; Emperor Belos had to regularly intake palismen as a temporary solution to the glyphs carved on his arm, which led to severe body degradation over time before he deformed entirely into sludge-like substance.[10] However, a palisman can also willingly transfer its life energy to its owner to heal them from fatal injuries. This act, however, brings an ultimate sacrifice, for while the owner is healed, the palisman dies and dissolves into starlight.[11] The owner, in turn, also receives the palisman's magical abilities.[1] 041b061a72


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